2019 is coming faster than you may realize…

I’ve been looking at the celestial weather for next year in order to craft a “snap shot” of what we can expect.

Before I share a little about what’s up for next year, let’s do a quick review of this year so that you have the big picture of what’s really up on the planet for us right now.

2018 has been a year of cosmic push-me-pull-you with a record-breaking number of retrogrades causing us to feel like our momentum was precarious and that our creative capacity was in a state of constant flux. This was definitely a year of playing “dodgeball” with your creative muse and feeling creatively blocked or stuck may have felt like the new “normal”.

Rest assured, the energy of 2019 promises to bring us some more “shake ups” but also grounds us in more earthly energies and promises to be a year of building, restructuring, and manifestation. (Woo Hoo!) 2019 is a year of continuing the process of rewriting the story of Who You Are and Who We Are collectively.

We are getting an early taste of this when Saturn (in Capricorn) starts the year dancing with the Gates 38 and 54 for most of the year. This little Saturnian “tango” gives us drive and endurance to hold on and wait for the right timing to manifest what is truly valuable in our lives and what we have been dreaming of. We are setting cosmic priorities and crafting lives that reflect the truth of our Hearts.

This is a planetary position that feels like “home” to Saturn and gives us the push to “call ourselves” home to Who We Truly Are. With this transit, we are feeling even more of a longing to fulfill our purpose, be our Authentic Selves and recognize that to stay aligned with our Authentic Selves in a times of Shift and upheaval, we have to be ordered, structured and disciplined.

You will not tap into the full expression of your true creative powers unless you do your homework and cultivate a consistent practice of staying aligned.