Becoming a parent is one of the most amazing life journeys that requires endurance…especially in these dynamic times!

Let’s face it, if parenting were as easy as “one size fits all” then all our children would eat their veggies, be respectful, happy, sleep through the night, make friends, have successful careers and stay safe.

Like many of you, I believe parenting is by far the most sacred and courageous adventure hands down!

I’m the first to admit I’m an imperfect parent but a passionate mom!

Today, we are being called...


To create a legacy of perpetual peace.

To be in a state of love and to teach the future generations to carry forward the practices and memories that will sustain a cohesive cooperative world.

ANd it starts with your family...

Parenting used to be something that was passed down from generation to generation.

But as the world changed, as divorce became more prevalent, as children were born more “aware” and knew things from a young age…

Parenting became more frustrating, confusing and even overwhelming

In this evolving and rapidly changing world it requires new skills and the ability to be resilient!

Yes parenting is a skill!

If you’re like most parents, you want your child to be the best they can.  To fulfill their potential and life purpose.

But sometimes, we’re not sure how to support them

While you can build on what your parents gave you, the skills you need today to parent are different.

Or maybe you want to be different than your own parents…

Today, I invite you to step into cultivating the skill called parenting regardless of how old or young your children are! 

Because supporting your child doesn’t stop once they reach 18 or 40 years old…

And to be able to support your child throughout their life, you need a new framework or perspective to really see child and all their brilliance.

We also, as parents, need to see how we’re parenting right now and how we want to tweak our parenting in order to create a more supportive parenting structure and family structure to support your children in discovering their capability and lovability.

THe lenses we see through

Child Development

Experiences & Conditioning

Human Design

Emotional Needs

There are lenses or filters that skew our reality and keep us from seeing our children for who they really are…

For example, where your child is developmentally will allow you to place boundaries that are age and developmentally appropriate.

Our past experiences and conditioning will play a role in how we see our children and what expectations you have for them.  

What Human Design can give you is a deep insight into your child’s energy, your child’s temperament (and temperamental traits), and strategies to guide your child as they go through their life cycles. 

Understanding that children have 4 basic emotional needs, and when children lack the language to explain their feelings, they use their behavior as their voice. As children mature, if they don’t learn how to communicate when their emotional needs are not met, they continue to act out or “misbehave” as a form of communication.

In order to have a really strong, loving, mutually respectful relationship with your child, you have to:

  • Truly KNOW your child

  • Understand your child and what to expect at each developmental age and stage.

  • Have a method of disciplining your child that will ultimately teach him/her how to be self-empowered, feel lovable and be capable

  • Clear your own personal conditioning and patterns that may be influencing your parenting relationship.

Being a strong, effective parent in these dynamic times requires a new way of thinking about parenting. 

Each child is magnificently unique and has individual parenting needs. 

Your challenge is to figure it all out without a manual, or even a mentor or role model.

Parenting By Design is a unique, holistic system of understanding and parenting your child that allows you to systematically understand your child, know their life purpose and structure your parent discipline in such a way as to truly teach your child and empower them.  Parenting By Design gives you a simple system to help you be the kind of parent you really want to be!

In this Class you will learn...

  • How to shift your parenting paradigm and truly understand your child

  • How to understand your child’s development

  • How your child may be affecting your own energy, evolution and spirituality

  • How to interpret your child’s misbehavior and use it as a platform for true learning

  • Why punishment doesn’t work and what to do instead

  • How the Law of Attraction, Deliberate Creation and mindset can make you a better parent

  • How your unique energy blueprint interacts with your child’s blueprint

  • How to take care of yourself and set good boundaries that are honoring and respectful 
  • The importance of Allowing and Detaching in a healthy way

  • How to become an empowered, democratic parent

  • About the power of language and why your words matter

  • How to deal with your feelings and your child’s feelings

  • How to release old parenting habits and karma

  • How to get your children to listen to you, and you to them

  • How to get your children to cooperate without screaming, begging and yelling

  • How to deal with sibling conflict, homework, chores and other common parenting challenges
  1. Your Human Design chart for you and your family (priceless)

  2. An Intro to Human Design Class to better help you understand the basics of your chart ($147 value)

  3. 6 Weekly live classes that will be recorded on Tuesdays at 7:30 pm Central beginning May 12th! ($497 value)

  4. A secret Facebook page where you can post your questions, challenges, struggles and successes, we’re in this together!

Now, before you ask me what the price is, my mentor and dear friend Karen Parker, has asked me to make this available for as many people as possible!  And with all the craziness going on in the world I agree with her and therefore, I’ll be emulating her pricing system…

We need to raise $16,000 to cover all of the expenses of this class (including salaries, technology fees, website creation, and video production).

The suggested price is $197, however, I am asking that you pay as much as you feel comfortable with!

If you want to pay more, you’ll contribute to making this event a “go”. AND, if you want to participate and the $197 feels like a big financial stretch, you are invited to pay what you can.  

We will work together to create this program! 

If we make our budget, then we will go ahead and host the event. I need a commitment from you by May 6th so that we know if we are a “go” or not. I will post in the Facebook group to let you know our progress.  

Recommended donation: $197 (but you may pay any amount you like.)  

The sooner you register, the sooner we’ll know that we are a go!

The first 30 people to register at the $197 level will automatically be enrolled into a drawing for

  • (1) free one-hour Human Design reading
  • (3) 30-minute readings

*Winners will be announced in the Facebook group*

The program starts on May 12th at 7:30 pm Central, but register now and get started on your pre-course homework and get to know each other in your Facebook Community!