Our Experience

If you’re like most parents, you may feel frustrated, confused or even overwhelmed about how to parent your child. Maybe you want to be different than your own parents, but you don’t know how to break your old parenting patterns.

You may be aware that your kids are really “different” and seem to know things at a very early age, or they seem smarter than you and enforcing discipline that is truly effective can be challenging. You want them to be the best they can be but you’re not sure how to support them and still make sure they learn how to do simple things like brush their teeth, go to bed and pick up their toys.

You want to have a really strong, loving, mutually respectful relationship with your child. In order to do that you have to:

  1.  Truly KNOW your child
  2. Understand your child and what to expect at each developmental age and stage.
  3. Have a method of disciplining your child that will ultimately teach him/her how to be self-empowered, feel lovable and be capable
  4. Clear your own personal conditioning and patterns that may be influencing your parenting relationship.

Being a strong, effective parent in these dynamic
times requires a new way of thinking about parenting.

Each child is magnificently unique and has individual parenting needs. Your challenge is to figure it all out without a manual, or even a mentor or role model.