Mommy Hacks

How To Get Kids To Cooporate Without
begging, bribing and yelling...

…Because Done Right, Parenting Is More Fun,

More Rewarding And Fulfilling Than Anything You Ever Do!

Howdy! I’m Kristin Shorter,

and these are my 3 rascals

If parenting were as easy as “one size fits all” then all our children would eat their veggies, be respectful, happy, sleep through the night, make friends, have successful careers and stay safe.
Like many of you, I believe parenting is by far the most sacred and courageous adventure hands down! I’m the first to admit I’m an imperfect parent but a passionate mom!

Parenting can be riddled with judgement, rejection, self-doubt and uncertainty.

As parents we can sometimes get stuck in one way of parenting.

That’s usually because it worked when your child was younger

…But now your child is older and it’s not working anymore.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed and burned-out with all that comes with caring for your family, providing for your family, cleaning, clothing, sheltering, feeding, chauffeuring your family…the list goes on… and your time flies by!

But As Your Child Goes
Through Different Life Stages….

Not Updating Your Parenting Skills Can Create A
Disconnect That Grows Into A Detachment.

Mommy Hacks

How To Get Kids To Cooporate Without
begging, bribing and yelling.

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Here Are 10 Things You Should
KnowAbout It…

#1 — How to deal with sibling conflict, homework, chores and other common parenting challenges

#2 — The system has effective strategies to tame tantrums, overcome challenges, and help your child mature at every age and life stage.

#3 — Practical strategies that calm the chaos while teaching your child to be respectful

#4 — How to get your children to cooperate without screaming, begging or bribing them

#5 — Increase your child’s self esteem and cooperation skills

#6 — Why punishment doesn’t work and what to do instead.

#7 — How to have children who are motivated from within instead of relying
on external circumstances

#8 — How to interpret your child’s misbehavior and use it as a platform for
true learning

#9 — There will be no confusion. I designed this class to be implemented easily because Happy Mom = Happy Family.

#10 — It’s so affordable you’ll LAUGH. Seriously, I created this system to be so
cheap that every parent can get it!

So How Does “Mommy Hacks
Parenting Class” Work?

The way it works is simple…

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You’ll receive everything you need to start being a strong, effective parent, such as…

Includes Quick, Easy Techniques you can use when your kids want to

Quick videos that contain the secret techniques to use on every child
at every age so that you enjoy parenting your kids (even if they’re
teenagers ?)!

PDFs of strategies you can print out so that you always know exactly
what to do in any situation!

Character Building Habits so your child is capable and independent
at every age and life stage

A Facebook community where you can share and receive feedback
from other parents going through the program and using the

Plus much, much more!

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Because parenting is the most important job on the palnet!

Being A Strong, Effective Parent InThese Dynamic Times
Requires A New Way Of Thinking About

The minute I became a parent, my whole world changed.

Parenthood is an interesting journey.

It requires you to be deeply grounded and simultaneously deeply rooted in Love and Patience.

One of the gifts I received as a mother of 3 rascals, is a deep understanding that each one of my children is precious and totally unique.

To be an effective parent, it’s like I must wear different “hats,” one for each kid.

“Shoot from the hip” parenting didn’t work too well.

Without a plan and a clear system for understanding how to best serve each individual kid, I missed the mark more than I wanted to.

That’s why I created Mommy Hacks Parenting Class.

This is a unique, holistic process of understanding and parenting your child that allows you to systematically understand your child, structure your parental discipline in such a way as to truly teach your child and empower them.

Your child is magnificently unique and has individual parenting needs.

Your challenge is to figure it all out by identifying and address these needs without a manual, or even a mentor or role model.

Having a method of disciplining your child that will ultimately teach him/her how to be self-empowered, feel lovable and be capable is the goal of parenting.

The Mommy Hacks Parenting Class gives you a simple system to help you be the kind of parent you really want to be!

I created the Mommy Hacks Parenting Class because I realized that I had to have new tools and skills to parent these amazing, bright and gifted kids of mine and I needed a systematic approach to help me create new understandings and patterns with my parenting.

My role is not to form my child’s character or their personalities….

It is to serve as their guide and show them the “ropes,” helping them find appropriate and empowered ways to express the magnificence and beauty of their True Selves.

That means that I have to parent in a way that supports the evolution of these beautiful souls and still know how to get them to go to bed on time, eat their veggies, say “please” and “thank you”, make good educational choices, and generally develop the skills necessary to be able to navigate successful relationships and careers.

Raising a family is one of the greatest heart-expanding, breath-taking journeys we can embark on.

I want this journey to be a source of joy, happiness and pride for you.

Serving as a sacred steward to these precious souls who will inherit our earth is one of the most important things you’ll ever do for this world.

I honor you for your courage and commitment.

I hope you’ll join me for Mommy Hacks Parenting Class!

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