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After 10 years in the industry, we decided to alter direction. Now, we share our passion by helping others. Our ramp up process is designed to empower your team and outfit them with the tools they need to succeed.
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If you’re like most parents, you may feel frustrated, confused or even overwhelmed about how to parent your child. Maybe you want to be different than your own parents, but you don’t know how to break your old parenting patterns.
You may be aware that your kids are really “different” and seem to know things at a very early age, or they seem smarter than you and enforcing discipline that is truly effective can be challenging. You want them to be the best they can be but you’re not sure how to support them and still make sure they learn how to do simple things like brush their teeth, go to bed and pick up their toys.

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From her work, Kristin knows that children have 4 basic emotional needs. When children lack the language to explain their feelings, they use their behavior as their voice. As children mature, if they don’t learn how to communicate when their emotional needs are not met, they continue to act out or “misbehave” as a form of communication.
Kristin’s work centers around identifying what need the behavior is communicating and techniques to support children in communicating instead of “misbehaving.”

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Welcome to Mommy Hacks

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I’ve started a Facebook group for parents!​ Hey Y’All! Parenting, as you know, is the most important job on the planet, wink! If you are looking to hone your parenting…

Let’s Connect and Support Each Other

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The standoff… When your child is ready to go head to head with you.,. In the perfect battlefield for him to put you between a rock and a hard spot……

Thank YOU so much!!!! I am so grateful for your kind and loving assistance. MEGA gratitude and love and empowerment!

Liz S.

Hi Kristin,
I wanted to write and thank you beyond words! What we accomplished in our two sessions was absolutely astounding. Your warmth, energy and techniques are truly profound. You have a beautiful gift and anyone who works with you will be blessed to do so. I fell fortunate to have been guided to you and am grateful to know I have someone to turn to in the future.
Lots of love,

Jennifer M.

I enjoyed Kristin's Empowered Parents class! She provided real-life examples of situations that I encounter with my child and offered suggestions about how to communicate and nourish my child so we both could be happy. During the Q&A, she answered questions that I had about the Human Deisgn charts for my daughter and me, which helped my further understand why my child responds the way she does.
This class was so beneficial! I have watched the replays many times and learn something new each time. I highly recommend Kristin, her classes and her sessions!

Angela Segraves

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